How to secure a password ?

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How to secure a password ?


Hi, in this article we are going to talk about the security offered by a password and how to increase it.

This article has a general scope. Sometimes you won’t be able to secure a password as its maximum because programs/Internet services won’t allow you to do what you want. For example, special characters maybe restricted or the length may be too much limited. In this case, you will be forced to deal with it and to respect local rules or you won’t be able to register.


The reasons of securing a password:

Nowadays, they are everywhere in our life: on computers, on social media, on our mailboxes, on our wallets, on our exchange accounts, etc. They are generally our first protective barrier against criminals that never stop trying to steal our valuable data to make money. As cryptocurrencies can be turned into fiat money, thieves are very active in the crypto world!

So why do we need a secure password now?

I would say because cyber-thieves are becoming more dangerous days after days. They are constantly learning and creating new methods to rob information/money. You can be sure that they know how people create/use their passwords and trust me, most people are making big mistakes!

Because a password must be remembered, users tend to create easy ones to remember. To illustrate this, here is an article from where you can see a list of incredible passwords that millions of people use everyday …

Let’s see how we can increase security:

The different means to secure a password:

Please follow these recommendations to strengthen the security offered by a secured password: if you think I forget something that could help people, don’t hesitate to write a comment

  • Never write down passwords!

Do I have to say why?


  • Never choose a “stupid” too easy password:

As we have seen above, passwords like “qwerty” or “iloveyou” are the best way to let people access your data/cryptocurrencies. It’s as if there wasn’t any protection at all!

In this category, I would add those that contain personal information like the names of people from your family or the names of your pets etc… This sort of information can be easily found on your social media etc … With all these gathered informations, an attacker can use a brute-force attack and find your password.


Example of a bruteforce software Brutus BestCryptEx
Example of a bruteforce software Brutus BestCryptEx


  • Choose a long and complicated password:

To my view, the minimum length would be 12 letters with different sorts of characters like: upper and lower letter case, digits, and special characters.


  • Never use a password twice:

This rule must be applied especially when you subscribe to an internet service. Of course, it is better to apply it everywhere!

By doing this, if one of your password is compromised, others remain safe!


  • Change your passwords regularly:

I admit this rule is hard to respect, but it will increase security.


  • Never tell someone about your password:

Even you trust someone one day, this person may betray you later. A password is personal and must NOT be shared with anyone!


  • Change your password if you think someone knows it:

If there is any doubt that someone saw you typing it or whatever, change it immediately!

As a conclusion we can say that it is easy to enhance your password security by following few simple rules. There are many websites where you can check its strength like kapersky’s or’s.

But remember, a password will never be enough to secure an Internet service like a crypto exchange! You must enable the two facto authentication to add an extra layer of security. It’s the minimum!


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